Baban Misal : Unsung Hero


Pic 01: Baban Misal, the lost leadership among oppressed.
Master Murder Planner : Bharat Jadhav, MLA, BJP

 In a shocking incident, the newly converted Budhhist was hacked to death when he was going to Jamkhed from his residential village of Sonegaon. Baban Sitaram Misal was borne into Matang Caste which is included in the Schedule Caste. He was a former President of Panchayat Samiti of Jamkhed. Recently he had been elected as a member of Director of Committee on Marketing Agricultural Products.

He was an active member of Campaign for Human Rights, a citizens’ forum working especially for the Dalit human Rights. He embraced Budhhism last year at Diksha Bhoomi, Nagpur. He had arranged a Dhamma Conference last year in Jamkhed & was present with his family in the Dhamma Conference of Ahmadangar.

He had attained prosperity because of his hard work in the Society for Fishermen. He was also actively agitating for the rights of the farmers not only of his own caste but for the other caste people too. He was unquestioned leader of his own caste as well as the of the other caste people. In 1991, the houses in the ghetto of Matang Caste people were burnt by some of the men from Maratha, the Hindu caste people. The accused of that crime were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment of 16 months. They were released from jail a few months back. It had become unbearable for them to see the popularity of Baban Misal.

On 6th of June 08, when he was going to Jamkhed from Sonegaon with his friend Shayam Sathe after requesting the engineer of the dam to release water for the farmers’s land downhill, a car numbered MH-12 YA- 7929 dashed his motorbike from behind. He got thrown over on the road. All the six accused namely, Kailash Jadhav, Shahaji Bolbhat, Arun Bhagat, Harish Birangal, Tatyarao Jadhav, Rajesh Walke (all between age of 30 -40 years) caught him. A scuffle ensued between them. But since the accused possessed axes, daggers & sickles, they overpowered them and threatened his friend Shaym Sathe to leave the place. When they got assured that Shyam left the place, they completely defaced the victim by brutally crushing his face due to which he died on the spot. Then they cut his hand and legs into pieces throwing into different directions. Then they ran away from the place.

Shyam witnessed all this, hiding behind the wall of nearby well, and later he called fellow beings from village to help. Due to hue & cry of the peole all the accused are now arrested and booked under sections of 302, 143, 147,148, 149, 341, 323, 504,506, 3(2)(i) & 3(1)(x) of Prevention of Atrocity Act and 7(1)(3) of Protection of Civil Rights. But the the M.L.A. from B.J.P., Bharat Jadhav who is abettor of the crime is not still arrested.In the clash of the accused and victims, Misal got hold of the hairs of one of the accused which stuck in his nails. The Deputy S.P. Doiphode is investigating the case. 
The Campaign for Human Rights activist Mr. Arun Jadhav, is following up the matter closely. They have also demanded security for Shyam.

After the incidence, Matang Commission has granted financial relief to the family of Mr. Misal. However, you all know how it is difficult for a widow to raise a family, and particularly when her elder daughter is taking education in 12th standard, and two more kids in schools.

The Doctors (Anti-Caste)  make earnest appeal to civil society for generous help.

Donations can be made to (please drop a mail to, mentioning subject- Baban Misal)

3 Responses to “Baban Misal : Unsung Hero”

  1. 1 kureela

    Dear ramesh, Baban Misal was a buddhist and other people are harijan who belongs to barbaric hindus mission you will find more traitor who want to derail the Ambedkar mission .if you look at the history of IRA in ireland then you will understand the real story.I donot know wether you are buddhist or not.Congress always brought harijan against the Dr Ambedkar and he always lost seat against the bastard congress.time has come dalits have to come to Ambedkar fold first and if they donot want to come under Ambedkar fold means they are the enemy of buddhist cause and we have to kick the ass of these bastard first.



  3. 3 Sneha

    No donations from Hindus should be accepted! Kureela says that the Bastard Harijans should be kicked in their ass!

    The converted Buddhists of India should:
    stop purchasing from Hindus,
    stop working in the companies owned by Hindus,
    stop working under a Hindu Boss,
    stop taking education from a Hindu Teacher,
    stop taking education in a Hindu run educational institute,
    stop talking with Hindus,
    stop taking on rent houses owned by Hindus,
    stop taking any kind of help from Hindus,
    stop taking treatment from a Hindu Doctor,
    stop taking treatment from a Hospital owned by Hindus,
    stop eating in hotels owned by Hindus,
    stop living in hotels owned by Hindus,
    stop travelling in buses driven by Hindus,
    stop travelling in buses where the conductor is Hindu,
    stop taking help from Hindu Police Officers,
    stop taking help from Hindu Politicians,
    stop taking help from the taxes paid by Hindus.

    The above will give the sense of Self Respect to the converted Buddhists!

    The converted Buddhists of India have the Right to have a land in proportion of their population as a new country for them so that they can live peacefully and enjoy the 100% benefits of their own ruled country. A country where every one will be converted Buddhist with 100% reservation. There will be no one to do the atrocity as the borders will be guarded by converted Buddhists army.

    The converted Buddhists of India should take help of Buddhists from China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Singapore & Mongolia against the Hindus of India! These Buddhist countries can give training and arms to converted Buddhists of India to use against Hindus of India!

    Few years back the Buddhist army of Sri Lanka killed around 50000 Hindus in North Sri Lanka, they can help converted Buddhists of India against the Hindus of India! This is a big inspiration for converted Buddhists!

    Jai Bheem

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