Khairlanji: Court Proceedings on 7th June’08


Today was the day for the production of the defence witnesses . But even after the lapse of 15 days , the defence could not produce their two witnesses , Ravindra Dhande & Umesh Dhumankhede . It was submitted in the court by the defence lawyer , Adv.Khandewale that , their petition was pending before the Hon. High Court , for the cross- examination of the public servants , the Tahsildar of Mohadi Mrs. Shingade, the collector of Bhandar , Mr. Sambhajirao Sarkunde & Social Welfare Officer , Mr. Mohbanshi. They had requested the court for the grant of their petition. But the High Court had said that  they should proceed in the session’s court with the testimony of the defence witnesses. As soon it is completed , the court can decide the fate of their petition . But since the witnesses of the defence did not turn up in the court , Hon. Judge S.S. Das , agreed to the request of the defence & fixed 12th June as the date for the next hearing .  

Meanwhile , the eye-witness of the Khairlanji Massacre , Suresh Khandate visited the court. While talking with ATN correspondent , he said that he was just recently threatened by the discharged accused, Mr. Krishna Dhande &   though he is not  terrified , he is worried about the safety of his family so he should be rehabilitated by the state government at the earliest.

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