Khailanji: Court Proceedings on 31st May 08


Adv.Lakhaninkar, the defence, first produces the application for the adjournement of the trial. But as  was ruled in the last proceeding on 26th May that the defence  should  submit the list of their witnesses, Hon.Judge rejects  the applicatiion . Then the defence in the closing hours submits the list of their witnesses & asks that the proceeding be delayed to produce them in the court. Court grants & fixes 7th June as the next date for hearing.

However, it is learnt that the defence is waiting for the decision of the High Court in which it is to decide on  the fate of the application.It was requsested through it that  the public servents , Tahsildar, Collector & the Social Welfare Officer be called in the court to be cross-examined by  them on the question of whether the witnesses , Mukesh Pusam & Suresh Khandate were lured by  C.B.I. to depose in their favour. This application is slated to be heard on 2nd June .

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