Khairlanji: Proceedings on 22nd May’08


The court concludes the  accused statements
 Today was the last day of the recording of the statements of the accused in the Khairlaniji case . The last accused questioned was Shishupal Dhande. He was put questions regarding the statements of the witnesses Yadnapal Khobragade, Rastrapal Narnavare , Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange , Mukesh Pusam , suresh Khandate & the investgations officers .Some of the questions asked were  whether he was one of the man in the mob attacking Bhotamnge’s house , whethere Jagdish , Sakru , Prabhakar, Vishvanath, Ramu, Shatrughna & Gopal beat Surekha, Sudhir , Roshan & Priyanka by blows of the hands , cycle chains & sticks due to which they died, whether he went near the body of Sudhir to see if he was alive . As usual , he answered in  negative.

The court is adjourned till Monday 26th May, when the the dates for the next proceedings will be finalised and announced. The assistant of the defence , Adv. Lakhanikar told the ATN correspondt that they will produce not more than one defence witness according to S.233 of Cr.P.C. who will be giving statement in the court  after  7 days of the next date.

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