Dalits Become Refugees in their own homeland in Gujrat


There were 100 families living in a village near Palampur in north Gujrat. When one upper caste  Rajput tried to usurp a Dalit’s land , he filed a suit in the court . That Dalit man won the case . But after that he was murdered by the high caste people. And those people forced the dalits living in the village to leave the place .  Those Dalits then stayed in the quarantine camp . The shelter got available to these people , but their woes still continued here . In the month of September last year , the district administration declared them to be migrated . The district administration was giving them only  Rs. 15 /- for their maintaince . But it was stopped in March 2008. It was said by the district admininistration  that they can not continue the help beyond six months .

                                 The home is provided even to the unclaimed & vagabond animal , but nobody is ready to hear even through what condition we  are going . This was the heart breaking comment made by the widow , Maniben whose husband was assassinated by the the upper caste people for the land. The government says that it is not going to provide help for more than six months  , then why it is not making alternative arrangement for us , asks Maniben.

         In the meantime , the district administration said that the rehabilitation of the dalits will be done at the earliest , but Dalits are now living in the pathetic condition inside the quarantine refugee camp.


( source – Jantecha Mahanayak 8th May 2008)

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