Dark age continues in West-bengal


Following is the observation cum fact sent by Atul Biswas from Calcutta  depicting nature of CPI leadership and politics in westbengal that only breeds caste based discrimination in every form of life.

With such naked dance of caste-virus, who is going to make that change where the % of SC crosses 15% of population of the state?  Offcourse people themselves. How? by treading the path shown by Dr Ambedkar and likes…

 In West Bengal, a federating State of Indian Union, caste discrimination and deprivation based on work and descent are rampant. The State Legislature is full of upper castes and particularly dominated by Brahmins in the main. 28% of the Member of the present Legislative Assembly (referred hereafter as MLA) elected from unreserved constituencies  are Brahmins. Three upper castes—Brahmin, Kayasth and Baidy—who make up mere 6.5% population have grabbed over 67% unreserved seats of the Assembly. They account for 69% Ministers, half of who are Brahmins.

Dalits have minister and MLAs who have no voice and been given insignificant port folios.
Sometime back, a dalit (Namasudra) medical officer in the district of Murshidabad, was humiliated in his office where two Brahmins had gone to submit a memoramdum. The Medical officer offered tea which they refused with tauntsthat “We don’t take tea from ntouchables.”A dalit Professor teaching English in the Jadavpur University, Calcutta,has been suspended because he had protested against some two dozen upper caste students, who had submitted answerscripts in examination full of sexual abuses targeting him. He brought the matter to the notice of the authorities of the ‘Versity for needful action. No action was taken against the students who were supported by upper caste teachers.

The dalit teacher has ultimately filed a case in the court of law against the university authorities, VC, registrar, some accomplices [teachers] included. Now he faces the prospect of dismissal. The Bengal Nobel leaureate Amartya Sen has reported widespread prevalence of untouchability in primary schools in his survey districts in West Bengal
sometime back.

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