Recalling ‘Architect of civilisation’


An article of the day from Tehelka

To know the course India could have taken, we only need to take a look at our neighbourhood. Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan all have Manuvaadi social hierarchies similar to India, but in the absence of an Ambedkar and his socio-political philosophy, which found superb articulation in the Constitution, they continue to be in turmoil. Not that India can remain unaffected; possibilities exist, and both Naxalism and jehadi outrage are pointers to this. It’s time the upper castes, their media and academics perked up, and re-examined the institution that was Babasaheb, and the ideals he stood for..

H. Mohan Kumar writes this article with free wisdom . Fore More Read here..

CNN-IBN echo Ambedkar as designer of civilization

Watch Video here

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