No Convictions in caste-atrocities, Why?


The Accused in Khairna Massacre Aquitted……

In the jolt to the justice of the Dalits , the session court here in Bhandara has aquitted the accused , Subhash Pachare due to the lack of evidence . In its judgement order of 33 pages the Hon. Special Judge , S.S. Burdkar said that the prosecution failed to produce sound evidence against the accused . So , all the charges of murder and  atrocity were quashed against the accused & he was set free.

The readers might remember  that in the sensational murder case of the Dalit girl Sapna Ghutke (19) who was twelth standard student learning in Pajabrao Deshmukh College of Brahmpuri was murdered in Khairna by the accused Subhash Pachare  when  she had gone to wash the clothes on the riverside in the morning of 26th Octomber 2006.As told by the ladies present there , she was stabbed & stoned at about 10:30 in the morning by the accused . The case received much attention by the masses as it had happened within a month of Khairlanji Massacre. The charge sheet was submitted on 17th February 2007 . In the case running over for one year & 26 days , the statements of 12 witneesess were recorded in all.  The Public Prosecutor who is also the P.P. in case under trial of Surewada Cow’s Urine Sprinkling Case , Mrs. U.K.Khati took care(lessness) of the work from the side of the prosecution while Adv.M.G.Harade argued from the side of the defence.

This is one among many caste-atrocity cases where the accused is honoured with aquittal. Statistics tells how much Indian soceity is in the clutches of prejudice when seen Conviction rate in caste-atrocity cases is less than 5% while in criminal cases it’s over 48% (all India avg.)

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