Khairlanji: Slow Justice in Fast Track Court


Because the status of  special court has not been given to the court where the present case of Khairlanji massacre is going on , the court is taking  its own course in the proceedings. Since today the court has recorded only the statements of the the accused , Gopal Binjewar & it has just  started questioning the accused , Sakru Binjewar . As the Hon. Judge S.S.Das  has to hear a lot of different cases , the court is taking long time to record the statements of the accused u/s 313 of Cr.P.C. It is learnt that , the accused  Gopal Binjear was asked 350 questions in all & the last question today  put to the accused Sakru Binjewar was whether he told to the investigation authority that he was ready to show the place where he had hidden his stick.Of course, the accused answered in the negative. The next date for proceeding to be slated is on Tuesday since tomorrow is the second Saturday & the next day is Sunday and on Monday it will be the Birth Anniversary of the great man Babasaheb Ambedkar . It is hoped that the court will give prime importance to this case & set aside or hearing on other cases sparingly . 

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