Pennsylvania General Assembly passes Resolution on Caste


As a part of value based agenda, ODRF (Omni Development Relief  Fund) team’s organised effort in advocating the human Rights issues bears fruit in March 2008. The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed resolution supporting disadvantaged communities in India. There persists an equivocal opinion within Assembly Representatives that Indian Government and Corporate Sector should strengthen ‘Affirmative Action Policy’ in order to insure social inclusion.

It’s true that the sufferings of hundreds of millions who are trapped under the rigid caste ridden social structure getting systematic neglect from four pillars of democratic India. The democratic deficit is widening owing to apathy from growing middle-class. The majority of Indian-middle class benefiting from successes of India Inc. comes from upper strand of social ladder. The story is unfortunate as Indian economy grows with handsome growth rate, the marginalised are getting more marginalised. The corporate India’s wish-plans silently marring the fate of social justice issues in order to garner more ready benefits from public offices and to arbitrage from cheap labour markets. Therefore there is conspicuous need to sensitise the issue and attempt statutory provisions for uplifting the conditions of disadvantaged communities. Not many non-profit organisations are looking into this grave area.

With the mission of emancipation of caste based discrimination Omni Development Relief fund (ODRF) an organization started by Dalit’s settled in the USA under the leadership of Mr. Michael Thevar President of ODRF, USA lobbied with the Pennsylvania General Assembly to pass a Historic Resolution, resolution number HR 383 condemning the Caste system in India, the 399 members of legislative assembly from democratic and republican parties and approved the Resolution .

The Resolution’s main sponsor was State Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland D-Delaware of the 159 legislative District and supported by James Daley , Thomas, Siptroth, Blackwell, parker, Galloway, Youngway, Youngblood, Josephs, Cohen, Boback and Clymer on March 10,2008 at 2.46pm (EST).

The significance of the Resolution is :

-To sensitize the International Community on the realities of caste based discrimination in India

-To develop an international mechanism to act as the watch dog for millions of disadvantaged groups in India.

This Resolution recognizes that more than 160 million people in India are considered untouchable and dehumanized by the caste system in that country.

This resolution acknowledges that the caste- system is discriminatory as an institution in India, and that it has a debilitating influence on millions of people’s lives. The resolution acknowledges that because the caste system is such powerful tool for social segregation, much of the population of India lives on less than $1 per day and are among the poorest people in the world. It acknowledges that many Indian people live in such poverty, public humiliation, and inhumanity and exploitation in which is being perpetuated by the Hindu people who derive the greatest benefit from the caste system. The resolutions acknowledges that such poverty is a breeding ground for crimes which goes unreported due, in part, to police intimidation and bribery. The Resolutions encourages Pennsylvania to work with India to find new approaches to address the situation effectively.


One Response to “Pennsylvania General Assembly passes Resolution on Caste”

  1. 1 m.p.p.das

    I read about your services in a malayalam pathram. I think your services are great. Even though India got freedom from British, the loe caste people are still not free. I think the daliths were better off when the British was ruling the country. The reason is the British was at least protecting bit and taking care of the daliths from the so called higher caste people. I read in an article from a priest wrote about the dalith Christians who are the one no one care about. Govt consider them that they are high caste where as hindu daliths gets all the benefits from government. The priest advised the church to take care of them but I doubt.
    Recently I visited a Hospital in Tamil nadu which was serviced by the salvation Army. the place was always busy when the hospital was run by the europian doctors and the foreign nurses. Since they left the place has only very few patients. I understood the reason is the present staff are from dalith Christians. The rulers were always from the upper class and they passed rules according to their benefits. I think India should have more rulers like Mayavathy of UP. who care about to abolish discrimination.
    I see here in the States, Indian organisations based on castes and that should be abolished. Good Luck Mr.Micheal Thevar

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