Khairlanji: Court Proceedings on 30th Nov. 2007


The court assembles at 11:15 P.M.The next witness , , Ganesh Inwate(21)resident of Khairlanji is called in the witness- box to depose. Special Publlic Prosecutor , Adv.Ujwal Nikam is ready to examine the witness.
Adv.Nikam:  Where did you go on 15/10/2006 , at about 1P.M.?
Wit: On 15/10/06, at about 1P.M. , I went to Bank of India in Andhalgaon.
Adv.Nikam:  Where is this Bank  situated in Andahlgaon?
Wit: It is near Andhalgaon Police station .
Adv.Nikam:  Where did go after finishing your work in Bank?
Wit: When I left the Bank, a policeman met me at the sqaure of the Bank.
Adv.Nikam:  What did he say?
Wit: He asked me to stand as punch witness for the seizure of the clothes & I agreed to do so.
Adv.Nikam:  Who was the other Punch?
Wit: Omprakash Nimje.
Adv.Nikam:  Whose clothes were those for which you were about to go for giving witness?
Wit; The accused Shishupal Dhande & Purushottam Titirmare .
Adv.Nikam:  Then?
Wit: We 2 panchas  alongwith the accused Shishupal Dhande & Purushottam and Police proceeded to Khairlanji for seizure of the clothes.
Adv.Nikam:  Where did you first go in Khairlanji?
Wit ;We first went to the house of accused Shishupal Dhande .
Adv.Nikam:  then?
Wit: Thereafter , Shishupal Dhande produced clothes from his house.
Adv.Nikam:  What kind of the clothes , they were?
Wit : One fullpant & a full shirt.
Judge(interrupting): Are the clothes blood stained?
Adv.Nikam:  No.
Judge: Then why are you examining?
Adv.Nikam:  I had asked the defence if they would admit the witness, but they denied so I examine the witness.
Adv.Nikam(to wit): Then?
Wit: Thereafter the Police seized the clothes by recording Panchanama in our presence.We then put signatures on that Panchnama & so also accused, Shishupal.
Adv.Nikam:  Is accused present before the court?(calling the name of the accused,Shishupal Dhande & making him stand )Is this the same accused?
Wit: Yes.
(Then article no.5 & 6 are brought before the court which are the clothes seized by the police of the accused, Shishupal Dhande which has nothing noticeable on it like blood or other incriminating sign)
Adv.Nikam:  Are these the clothes of the accused, Shishupal Dhande?
Wit : Yes.
Adv.Nikam:  Where did you go then?
Wit: Thereafter we went to  village  Chicholi.
Adv.Nikam:  To whom you went in that village?
Wit; We went to the house of Purushottam Titirmare.
Adv.Nikam:  What was recovered from his house?
Wit : A fullpant & a safari.
Adv.Nikam:  Then?
Wit; Thereafter the police  seized these clothes by recording the Panchnama in our presence.We then put sigantures on that Panchanama & so also accused Purushottam.
Adv.Nikam:  Is accused present before the court?(calling the name of the accused,Purushottam Titirmare & making him stand says)Is this the same accused?
Wit: Yes.
(Then the said articles are brought before the court which has nothing incriminating on it)
(Adv.Nikam finishes his examination . Hon.Jdge asks the accused no.s 1, 2, 8 & 9 wheather they would question the witness since their counsol Adv.Jaiswal is absent.All the accused decline. Now, another defence lawyer,Adv.Niraj Khandewale for accused no.s 3 to 7 & 11, rises to cross-examine the witness)
Adv.Khandewale: You quite often go to the bank, right?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale: As you go to bank , sometimes you talk with police.Right?
Wit; Yes.
Adv.Khandewale: You were aquinted with the Police.Right?
Wit; No.
Adv.Khandewale: Do you know Yadnapal Khobragade of village Deulgaon?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale: You also know that he is the bother-in-law of Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange.Right?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale: How much money did you withdraw form Bank?
Wit: Rs.3000/-
Adv.Khandewale: Then you might have taken tea , snacks etc.For that 5 to 6 might have been required.Right?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale: Police showed you some clothes & said the those were cothes of the accused.Right?
Wit: No.Police showed me the clothes of the accused.
Adv.Khandewale: It must have taken 20 minutes to reach Khairlanji from Andhalgaon.Right?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale: On reching Khairlanji , your vehicle must have stopped in front of Gram Panchayat of Khairlanji.Right?
Wit; No, we went straightway to the house of the accused, Shisupal.
Adv.Khandewale: Shishupal did not produce any clothes in your presence.Right?
Wit: No, he did produce.
Adv.Khandewale: Police obtained your signature on a written paper.Right?
Wit; No, police prepared Panchanama there.
Adv.Khandewale: My assertion is that in between 2:50 P.M. 3:00 P.M. , no clothes were seized.Right?
Wit; It is not true.
Adv.Khandewale: Did C.B.I. record your statement f?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale: After Panchanama , you strightway went to your house.Right?
Wit; No, first Panchanama was made at Khairlanji & another in Chicholi.
Adv.Khandewale: Then police brought the clothes of Prurshottam Titirmare .Right?
Wilt; No, Purushottam produced his clothes.
Adv.Khandewale: Police obtained your signature on a printed paper.Right?
Wit; No. It is  not true.
Adv.Khandewale: You are deposing falsly due to pressure by Police.Right?
Wit: No,it is not true.
(Since the deposition of the witness, is complete & no new witness being called , the court is adjourned till the next date i.e. 6 th December)

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