Comment on caste virus in Indian Cricket


Following statistics of Under 19 Indian cricket team is provided by KP,


KP writes……

“Just some more info for this discussion. This is the current Under-19 India Team.
Name -Caste
Virat Kohli (capt) -UC
Abhinav Mukund -B
Shreevats Goswam -B
Tanmay Srivastava- B
Manish Pandey- B
Taruvar Kohli -UC
Ravindra Jadeja -UC
Saurav Tiwary -B
D Shivkumar -?
Pradeep Sangwan -MC
Siddarth Kaul -B
Ajitesh Argal -UC?
Napoleon Einstein -None
Perry Goyal -UC?
Iqbal Abdulla.- None


UC-upper caste (non-brahmin), (4% Indian Pop)
B-Brahmin, (2% Indian Pop)
MC- Middle caste (not official name)
I may be wrong about one or two.

Please correct it if you know for sure.”-


Dear KP,

Thanks for this.

Your  observation deserves secular reader’s attention so that they can think over the caste-imbalances. This has been continuing and will continue., a perfect practice of exclusion.  
We see Brahmins who are less than 1% of India’s population enjoy 40% representation in a much secular sports which is played at every corner of  rural & urban India.  The Upper caste commune who are nearly 4% of Indian population share 34% of Indian Cricket team.

Inclusion is ruled out systematically in World’s Biggest Democracy, Cricket is just a case, What an irony!

4 Responses to “Comment on caste virus in Indian Cricket”

  1. 1 Jayesh

    I don’t want statistics now, I want SC/ST boys to play in Indian side so that we win the world cup.

    Its High time now, stop this analysis of how we are oppressed, Like Mayawati lets get on with the Job and win our place.


  2. 2 Machappa Madeva

    Guys you are missing the point. India can’t win the medals in Olympics because we are backward in sport. There is no way we can compete with China, America and russia because we are a country which has been oppressed. We need to first formulate an internal and external policy for sports taking into account the most contemplative thoughts of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar.
    First we need to suggest and impress upon the olympic comitte that India is a ‘Scheduled Nation’. And being 20% of world population we are not winning any medals so we and a few countries like – Pakisthan, Saudi arabia, Bangladesh etc should be termed as ‘scheduled nations’. The qualifying entrance criteria should be removed for us and we should be able to qualify for participation in all sports. There should be separate rules framed for us in all the events. For example the 100 meters sprint should be changed to 80 metres for us and the rest of the nations should run 100 metres. Apart from this there should be certain reserved sports (like our reserved constituencies) where only the scheduled nations can compete. Maybe Kabbadi, Guli Danda etc should be introduced as reserved sports. Atleast by this we will be guarenteed minimum medals.
    Next the Internal policy within the country. This is simple. We are past masters in this. Adopt the SC/ST, OBC reservation, Mandal comission, Sachar commission and also get in the services of experts like Karunanidhi to introduce the most advanced form of resrvation in the team selection.
    This is the only and most effective way for us to be the champions.

  3. 3 Machappa Madeva

    And we should scrap this policy after ten more olympics ie after 40 years when India will be a world leader in Olympics. Jai Bhim

  4. 4 Indianlad

    Ha… Ha… That’s our plight after 60 yrs. of freedom. It took 43 years for our government to find the oppresiveness of certain communities,now called OBCs.It took 16 more years for that as****e to introduce the same in premier institutions like IITS and IIMs.


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