First Conviction in Bhandara!


In the first ever incidence of the conviction in an atrocity case , the accused , Purushottam Selokar (41),resident of Walani, Tahasil Paoni,  District Bhandara was sentenced to undergo Rigorous Imprisonment for  six years & fine of Rs.4000/-He was found guilty u/s 235(2) of the code of CriminalProcedure Code for an offence punishable u/s 3(1)(x) of the Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act , 1989  as well as  section 294 & 506 of I.P.C. The case numbered as Special Criminal Case no. 34/2007  was going on in the  Special court of Hon.Justice P.K. Chavvan since from 30th April 2007 which was decided on  14th Feb.2008.

The details of the incidence are like thus.On 29th January 2007 , at  about 12’O clock in the noon, the accused’s wife Lalita(28) & son , Rakesh (19) abused the victim Mrs. Vanita Maatey  living in her neighbourhood  in  the very filthy language as to why she pruned the creeper of Bottle-Gourd planted in the veranda of the accused house  which  has intruded into her courtyard & causing the nuisance to the victim.She was then  assaulted by them. When the accused who works in a flour mill nearby  returned home , learning of the incident started abusing the victim in the filthest & very obscene language  about raping her naked in the  public & intimidated her by saying that if she does not mend her ways, he will make upon her the incident of ‘Khairlanji’.He then again abused her at night & in the morning on next day. Not able to bear such hurt & insults , the hapless & hopeless lady , complained to the local police station . The head Constable, Sarve registered her complaint u/s 323, 504 , 503 , of the I.P.C. But seeing the complete inaction by the Police, she went to the S.P.of the District with a written complaint on 31/1/2008.The crime was registered as an offence punishable u/s  3(1)(x) of the Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989  and sections 294,506 & 323 read along with 34 of the  I.P.C. against the accused , his wife & his son. The S.D.P.O. Rajurkar investigated the case & chargesheet was filed in the special court of Bhandara in the court of Hon.Justice P.K.Chavvan.Hearing the case, the Hon.Judge sentenced  the accused Puroshottam Selokar to Rigorous Imprisonment for six years & fine of Rs.4000/- on the basis of the testimonies of the witnesses & material evidence of certified papers.But due to insufficient evidence, the convict’s wife & son were acquitted.

The first ever conviction boosted the morale of the of  the downtrodden living in Bhandara District.But everybody is wondering  whether there will be same speedy justice in Khairlanji Case going on in  the court of Hon.Justice S.S.Das which is proceeding at the Snail’s  pace even though there are directions from the High Court & Judiciary  Dept. of the State to run it on the day to do basis.

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