Tamilnadu in crisis


Dalits in 20 districts of the state were facing serious caste-related disparities, including non-entry into temples, inaccessibility to drinking water and other facilities, a recent survey by Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front has found.

The survey initiated in the villages of these districts last month has been completed and the findings would be submitted to respective District Collectors soon, the front’s State Convenor B Sampath told reporters here today.Dalits were denied entry into hair-cutting saloons in many villages. They could not use community halls for functions and not even decorate their homes during domestic ceremonies.They were prohibited from fetching drinking water from street taps and were not allowed to enter local temples, the survey said.In Uthapuram village of Madurai district, the dalit residential colony was segregated by a half-km-long wall. Similar disparities and untouchability existed in all the 47 villages in the district, the survey said.In a school at Kottampatti in Madurai district, Plus-one and Plus-two students were not even admitted to Dalit hostels.

Almost 80 lakh Dalit households in these districts lacked proper toilets and the human faeces was removed and carried as headload by manual scavengers, the survey said.A similar survey would be conducted in the remaining districts soon, Sampath said.(Agency)
Published: Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Response to “Tamilnadu in crisis”

  1. 1 marcelo barros

    Dear friends:

    I’ve been for long learning about atrocities against dalits. But I do never hear of reprisals by the dalits (not that I’m condemning the dalits for fighting back, on the contrary). I think you should talk about this.

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