She looses fingers


A 14- year old Dalit girl who was forced to work in a spinning mill near Vaagaikulam has lost her four fingers in the right hand while feeding cotton to a machine.

She submitted a petition to the District Collector, G Prakash during the grievance day meeting on Monday demanding action against the spinning mill management for employing child labour. P Paulraj, a mason from Old Pettai after submitting a petition to the Collector said, when he was out of station, an official from the spinning mill who promised good salary had asked his daughter P Ambika, a minor, to work in the mill.As against his promise, she was forced to work for a salary of Rs 40 a day.

On January 6, when Ambika was involved in the work of feeding the cotton to the machine, accidentally her four fingers were chopped. The authorities of the spinning mill had taken Ambika to a private hospital at Kokkiralulam for treatment. Moreover, when Paulraj tried to file a complaint with the police, the mill authorities had threatened him.Paulraj along with his daughter Ambika submitted a petition in this connection to the District Collector who forwarded the petition to the City Police for necessary action.

Source: NewindPress

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