Khairlanji : Court Proceedings on 15th nov 2007



 The  court assembles at 11:15 A.M.Previous witness Mr. Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange is ready to be cross-examined by the defence lawyer Adv.Neeraj Khandewale.
Adv.Khandewale : Is it true that the land you possessed was the ancestral & it was barren?
Wit: Yes, it was barren but due to our hard work we made it cultivable.
Adv.Khandewale : Surekha helped you a lot to make it cultivable. Right?
Wit: Yes.Instead of engaging labourers we ourselves made it cultivable.
Adv.Khandewale :  As your economical condition was not good, you would make the bidis( home made cigars).Right?
Wit : No; But after the agricultural works when we would not have any specific task , we would make the bidis.
Adv.Khandewale : Where would you get the raw material for making the bidis?
Wit: There is a bidi contractor in the village of ‘Jamb; from whom , we would bring the bidi material & after making the bidis , we would send  the same to him.
Adv.Khandewale : Is it true that sometimes the bidi contractor would send the bidi material & then pick up the bidis himself or through his men?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale  :Since how long  you were making the bidis & selling them to the contractor?
Wit: Myself & Surekha came into cotact with the bidi contractor since from 1989 & from that time we are making the bidis.
Adv.Khandewale : How much would you earn by making the bidis?
Wit : We used to get around Rs.500/- per fortnight.
Adv.Khandewale :  What was the profit?
Wit : We would get the profit according to quantiy of the bidis .
Adv.Khandewale :  Surekha would keep the account of the number of the bidis prepared.Right?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale : You & Surekha would quarrel with each other over your profitting on the bidis made by Surekha.Right?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale : You  got the caste certificates of yours & that of your children after the incident on 29th September 06.Right?
Wit: No.I obtained those cetrificates long before the incidence.
Adv.Khandewale : Your children would go to their respective schools with the other children from the village Khairlanji. Right?
Wit : I don’t know with whom they would go to their schools.
Adv.Khandewale : Your family was worshipper of Godess Durga. Right?
Wit: No, Myself & Sudhir used to go refuge to Boddhisatva Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar daily in the morning & evening.
Adv.Khandewale : Your family members had good relations with family members of Mukesh Pusam & Suresh Khandate.Right?
Wit : Yes.
Adv.Khandewale :Your sons would go to them on the festivals.Right?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale :  You encroached on the to build your
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale : Besides your house , ther is a borewell & many people take water from the borewell.Right?
Wit : Yes.
Adv.Khandewale : The ladies take the water from the borewell in morning & evening.Right?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale : There used to be quarrel among the ladies on the borewell.Rihgt?
Wit : No.
Adv.Khandewale : There used to be the load shedding in your village for 8 to 10 hours daily.Right?
Wit: There was load shedding in the village but for how long , I  don’t know.
Adv.Khandewale : In the night hours too the viilagers would draw water from the borewell.Right?
Wit: Since there used to be load shedding , I  can not tell about that.
Adv.Khandewale : You would take help of Rajendra Gajbhiye for tilling your soil by hiring his tractor.Right?
Wit:  No.
Adv.Khandewale :  Sidhartha Gajbhiye & Rajendra Gajbhiye would do goonda work in the Kamptee area.Right?
Wit : I  don’t know.
Adv.Khandewale : You had good relations with Rajendra Gajbhiye & he would come to your house oftenly. Right?
Wit: We had good relations with Rajendra Gajbhiye ; but he would not come to our house.
Adv.Khandewale : You with Mukesh Pusam & Suresh Khandate made a written application to the police for providing with the securitiy.Right?
Wit : No.
Adv.Khandewale :  You had told the police that Gopichand Mohture & Sunil Lede were among the attackers . Right?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale : But in your compaint to the police those names appear in your complaint.Why?
Wit :  It is false.
Adv.Khandewale : Did the police not read over the contents of your complaint  to you?
Wit: No. They did not.
Adv.Khandewale : There is a cow dung pit behilnd your house.Right?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale : Is it also true that in the month of September long grass grows up in that pit?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale : There are the shrubs near that cowdung pit .Right?
Wit: No.
Adv.Khandewale :  Your hut is surrounded by the the compound on all the sides.Right?
Wit: No. O n some parts there is no compound at all.
Adv.Khandewale: Thre is a tree of Babul in the east of your house.Right?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale:  Is it true that on the east of your house there is the compound & the gate?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale:  At one side of the gate there is the cattle shed.right?
Wit: Yes.
Adv.Khandewale:  You keep your agricultural implements in that cattle
Wit: Yes .
Adv.Khandewale:  You & Surekha would go to the fields together & would return together . Right?
Wit :No.
Adv.Khandewale:  You are deposing falsly in the court to implicate the innocent persons.Rilght?
Wit: No.It false.

( Adv.Khandewale finishes his cross-examination . Now, Adv.Madhukar Bedarkar rises to cross-examine the witness.)
               ( TO BE CONTD.)

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