Here is Khairlanji on Wall Street, do world-eyes recognise Caste Virus now?


Following is the report from online Wall Street Journal. The article tries to portray the Khairlanji incidence in the backdrop of ongoing atrocities on Dalits in India due to inhuman caste graded inequal system!


December 27, 2007; Page A1

KHAIRLANJI, India — Not long ago, the Bhotmange family was a showcase of how Dalits, the former “untouchables” at the bottom of India’s caste ladder, are improving their lot amid the nation’s economic boom.
Forgoing his ancestral occupation of handling rotting cow carcasses, Bhaiyalal Bhotmange set up a tiny wheat and rice farm in this village. The income enabled him to buy a cellphone and educate his three children. His 17-year-old daughter learned English, a rarity here. A son studied computers and enrolled at a local college. “I knew that only through education can we uplift our status,” Mr. Bhotmange says. “This was my dream.”

Last year, the dream ended. A mob of higher-caste neighbors, angered by the family’s refusal to accept their destiny as the lowliest of the low, attacked their home. Mr. Bhotmange’s wife and children were dragged out and murdered, their bodies dumped in a canal. Mr. Bhotmange, who had managed to flee, is now a refugee in a nearby city, afraid to venture into Khairlanji.




Main report; please read here

2 Responses to “Here is Khairlanji on Wall Street, do world-eyes recognise Caste Virus now?”

  1. 1 Rajesh

    Obviously the story is changing. It gets more cruel with each version. Please stick to the facts. What happened is heinous and let it be a awakeing call for us to change for good.

  2. Time has come madhukar kukde who is a BJP MLA and is involved in Buddhist killing in Khairnar but spared by their hindu led government in Maharsthra.time has come Wall street journal and Financial times should help dalits to Arm them so they can live peacefully in India.170 million dalits are living in mercy of hindus .about 1.5 millions hindus are in America who are having fun in America and financing RSS and BJP .these organisation are involved in dalit genocide in India.dalits have to come out from hindus and hindu led government because their is no black color in Indian flag.

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