Parshuram & bros rooting Caste-virus firm in global way


Please watch the following video, and see for yourself the Chitpawan Subcaste among brahmins in India struggling to get over identity crisis. (In marathi)

This is going to give rise strange kind of genesis to  caste crystallisation in modern India. As we know caste is exportable. The high caste that enjoy fruits of economic gwoth are in this or that way beocming hurdles in social equity . They are on to set istitutions on the lines of caste community affiliation. It is not new thing. How it worked is still a secret, but slowly visible distinctive scenario emerging out the underlying rust.  Caste is notion of mind, it comes out in different form. Only suffer is Civilisation, Nation and fundamental rights of  lowest rung of society, the poor dalits.

Atrocitynews has written on this issue under title Ghastly ghettos, pl read and react..

One Response to “Parshuram & bros rooting Caste-virus firm in global way”

  1. Dear Buddhist Bandhu,Hindus are born barbaric and weak.if we want to defeat thaes hindus then use your muscle power what Mugul did for hindus.My uncle had killed one hindu in day light ,40 villages were become in knee elbow position for 40 years.Dr Ambedkar had said ,no body is going to sacrifiece the Lion so live like lion not goats.

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