Wall Street Journal takes heed of Khairlanji


Even after over a year, the interest of the foreign media does not seem to wane.On 11 & 12th November a Singapur correspondent of the world famous magazine,The Wall Street Journal &  a native of U.S.A.,Mr.Yaroslav Trofimov  met Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange .Later he visited Khairlanji.He saw the dilapidated hut of the Bhotmange family.He met the new Sarpanch of Khairlanji village,Hasan Dhande  who was an accused in the massacre.He also met an eye witness,Suresh Khandate.Later he went to the village Dhusla where he interviewed Sidhharth & Rajan Gajbhiye.The next day , he visited the court & talked with the Hon.Judge , S.S.Das.Then he went to Tumsar to interview the , M.L.A.Madhukar Kukade who had alleged involvement in the massacre.He displayed a wonderful work of an investigative journalism.

Pic01: Wall Street’Journal  representative Journalist talking to Bhaiyyalal


  Though he did not talk much of the inference of his work , he was sure that the killings took place because of  the casteism. He also asked some intriguing questions like what was the profession of the erstwhile Mahars & when did they leave the old profession .He seemed satisfied  when he learnt that , due to the efforts of the  great leader, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar , the dalits left old disgraceful professions & adopted education as a pathfinder. Having their new generation getting key positions in several economic apparatus , they are living the respectable life that makes case for perfect jealousy. He was told about the lapses on the part of the Doctor who did the autopsy, the police investigating the case in the beginning & the indifferent attitude of the government towards the people protesting against the massacre.

He was also told about the interference of I.G.(Anti-Naxalite cell ),Pankaj Gupta into the investigations.He was informed about the complete cover – up of the incidence by the Maharashtra Govt.He expressed his gratitude for the co-operation of the local people & then left for Nagpur.

7 Responses to “Wall Street Journal takes heed of Khairlanji”

  1. What about local correspondents? Did they care to do stories?

  2. Time has come Wall street journal and Finance times should come forward to rescue the 175 millions dalits from the shackles of hinduism.These barbaric hindus are crying for Privitisation but for international media they are not allowing any private media.time has come dalits and Buddhist with other minorities should join to bring the world media to India and show the world about hidden aparthied which was sanctioned by hindu led government.

  3. what a shame that democracy prevails in a big country like ours.tough and immediate punishment are the only solution.

  4. we miss a lot from the international community both latest development in human rights activism and safety of those under threat.

  5. We have to tell the world leader for hindu toilet papers{Indiam Media},who are saving the ass of hindus and their hindu led government.800 thousands hindus are in middle east and 1.5 millions hindus are in USA who are finanacing the BJP and VHPand RSS.If we can throw these hindus from middle east first who are donating to RSS and their goons for muslims and dalits genocide in India.time has come we have to tighten the noose to hindus and their hindu led government.

  6. Dear Krishnadas,their is no democracy in India,How you can say biggest democracy in world.We have seen use of democracy in Gujrat and condition of dalits after Independece.Dalits and minorities will get democracy when they will get seprate electorate which was snatched by hindu gandhi.time has come We should organise the dalits and minorities for scientific education and seprate electorate.Joint electorate is no use ,it is just cowshits.

  1. 1 foreign correspondent

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