Unhealthy Health Department


                                        ‘There is no reservation for the posts of Ayurved Medical officers in the Nagpur division’ so says the Deputy Director of health department in Nagpur division,Mr.V.N.Gedam who himself enjoys the fruits of the reservation.But when told that the if Pune division had reserved seats for the backward categories for 30 vacancies, then why the Nagpur division has denied it for 112 seats then he says that he did not receive any instructions from the Government about it.
                                 The details of the above incidence are like this.There were 112 vacancies for the posts of Medical Officers from Ayurved faculty in Nagpur division . They invited the applications by giving advertisement in a national Daily Newspaper . They received more than 1800 applications among which they called for only 560 candidates for the interview by applying the criteria that only the candidates securing above  61./.marks in the final B.A.M.S. were eligible for the interview.They displayed the list of the cansistes called for the interview on the notice board & they awarded some additional points for those candidates who had done their service in the rural area.But to the surprise to many,those candidates who had secured less marks & did not do the job in the past in the rural area had higher position in the merit list & those securing the higher marks & having the experiance of rural health service were kept out of the list.Moreover unlike Pune Division , they had no reservaition quota & there was no relaxation of marks for the reserved category candidates.

When asked about these anomalies to the interview panel which comprised Mrs. Indramalo Jain,Addl.Divisional Commissioner of Nagpur Division & former D.M.of Bhandara who had been promoted for taking lackadaisical approach in the Khairlanji Massacre, Mr.N.B.Vati addl.collector of Bhandara & Mr.V.N.Gedam. It is said that they did agree the mistakes in the list ;  they set aside the affirmative policy saying they have no such instructions from the government. Shockingly, despite glaring disparities in the merit list, interview process continued.They asked candidates to submit  grievances.  But nothing seemed to happen,  the aggrieved candidates felt that they won’t get the justice ,they called for people help.

With continuous lcal people sensitisation, the agitations made a mark and  the selection process was  stalled. Soon authorities promised to fill up the vacancies in due manner.This was the victory against corruption & injustice.It was also a tribute to the great man on his Parinibbana anniversry who proclaimed Educate, Organise & Agitate in order to reclaim entire world.

ATN correspondent spearheaded the entire sensitisation/agitation.

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