Powered emotions: Chaityabhoomi the 6th


Pic01: Increasing stand  every year; world watches

2 Responses to “Powered emotions: Chaityabhoomi the 6th”

  1. 1 Saint

    Chaityabhoomi event was one of the largest and most adorable in the Indian soil, but the media has no coverage except our own Ambedkarites upraising media, our Bombay writers covered the incident in Upliftthem.

    The recent “Movie song & Derogatory lines in a song” also was burried and covered by the Indian media, read the outstanding analysis and top notch english writing of our own Dalits/Ambedkarites here:

  2. 2 rajiv

    sir jai bhim

    i dont know when will get justic,but i m certain that if same goes ,one day come we all r fanatic about religion
    .but our religion do not allow this .

    sir i want 2 share my view that,
    i visited many villages were i found our people r in wricked condition.they do not have any source 2 sustain there livelihood.But we r very proud to them that, they r very honest disciple of Dr babasaheb Ambedkar

    i visited a small village,in bhandara district where i ask one lady how much land u have ,she replied ,50 dismil
    and she got 15rs for 2000 beedi.i was shoked .

    sir ,our socio-economic condition is such,so how it could be possible 4 them 2 came forward 2 protest atrocity ,as entire system hostile 2 them.

    we need some small scale project for them,that may improve their condition



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