Meet in Bangkok


Leaders of non-governmental organisations campaigning on human rights of Dalits in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will gather in Bangkok. This meeting is designed to build strategy to strengthen Dalit rights movement in Asia. Approximately 20 participants from Dalit groups, as well as solidarity groups, will be attending the meeting.

Asia Dalit Rights Movement (ADRM) and FORUM-ASIA will coordinate this meeting, titled as “Strategising Asian Dalit Rights Movement”. The main goals of the strategy are to strengthen the network among them and to address the Dalit Rights advocacy at the regional level.

The idea of having the strategy comes from the voices of the Dalit Rights Platforms in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The members of these countries expressed the need to link up with other countries’ experiences in the region to strengthen and build the platform back home.

The strategy includes plans to work at national, regional and international level, specific working plans and the structure of the movement.  

One Response to “Meet in Bangkok”

  1. I’m impress from Asia Dalit Rights Movement , Dalit are living in dangerous satution , they havnt any faciltiy , that is basic rights, such as pure water, Dranage system , light, no rpresentative in Parliament , so there is need of strong struggle.

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