Amedkarite exellence 004AE2007: It’s IT


An encouraging report on  Atul Paswan from NDTV.


Thirty-one-year old Atul Paswan has successfully changed what many may have said was his destiny.

A Dalit from Siwan district in Bihar three years ago, the village schoolteacher’s son set up a software company in Bangalore.

Pic01 Atul PAswan

Indo-Skura Software Private Limited is perhaps the first software firm to be owned by a Dalit. ”I want to spread the message that Dalits should believe in merit. We also have merit and without reservation we can also do something. But the Dalits who are at the bottom, they surely do need reservation. There should be affirmative action for such Dalits,” said Atul Paswan, CEO, Indo-Skura Software Private Ltd.

But affirmative action isn’t enough. Atul says there should be reservation for Dalits even in the private sector.And his own experience shows that people from all sections of society can work together quite peacefully.”Everyone respects me. Some come forward to help because I am younger than them. No one has looked down on me because I am a Dalit,” said Atul Paswan, CEO, Indo-Skura Software Private Ltd.

Atul’s software company is in many ways a new beginning. He is one of those who have managed to rise without help from anyone.Now he wants others like him to succeed too. And for this, he has set up a library in his village, the Ambedkar Library, which he hopes will encourage and help others to stand on their own feet.


WE would like to correct NDTV report a little. Fact is that there are many Ambedkarites who have gone well ahead in all walks of life whether it is IT or modern art. Some identify themselves with community , some do not.  It is worth mention that community accolades go to people who dare to look back & extend helping hand to many brothers/sisters, we must say they’ve in them ‘Ambedkarite excellence’ whereas people who do’nt  dare nor care for community live in mental subjugation lifelong.Its perfect cause-effect relationship.

Out of many advancements from Indian Youth, most interesting is  in entrepreneurial world, world of free-market economy where big sharks and magnets fail the theoretical rules of ideal competition, for ideal market never exists.

2 Responses to “Amedkarite exellence 004AE2007: It’s IT”

  1. 1 Ashish

    Dear Atul,

    Keep it up…People like will definately will raise an bar to those Dalit and will look beyond what they can do and they can think of…

    Thanks ..and it inspiring to me as well…thanks for raising the bar..

    Congratulation to you ..i am too a software any point of time if you need any help from me, I am just a mail away..


  2. 2 suraj makwana

    hi atul ,you doen it .
    I’m a computer engineering student from gujrat
    I also want to make a IT comapy I’ll try hard like you do….
    Thanks for all …………..

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