Jajjhar sounds out


The Dulina lynching case, in which five Dalit men were killed by a mob in 2002, is still being heard.  Rattan Singh and his wife, Ramwati, who lost a son in the Dulina lynchings, now sell toffees to feed themselves.

Pic01: Old Parents

IN one of the most heinous crimes committed in recent times, on October 15, 2002, a mob lynched five young men, all Dalits, at Dulina in Jhajjar district of Haryana. It deprived five families of their breadwinners, orphaned little children and made widows of young wives on a day when the country was celebrating Dasara, which marks the victory of good over evil. In this case, however, evil is far from punished after five more Dasaras.

Three of the five victims traded in animal skins, as a caste occupation. The five were first beaten up by a group that claimed to have caught them slaughtering a cow on the Gurgaon-Jhajjar road, and then taken to the Dulina police post. Instead of protecting the five men from further assaults and arranging for medical attention, the police allowed a mob to assemble over three hours and then stood by as it lynched the men in the presence of scores of onlookers.

The inquiry report of R.R Banswal, Commissioner, Rohtak Range, submitted on December 5, 2002, castigated the role of the police. Parts of the report were released to the media a few months after the incident. The mob, the report said, was allowed to assemble and raise provocative, communal slogans accusing the five men of cow slaughter, which led to the lynching.

The report found several loopholes and contradictions in the versions given by the police, who claimed that they were outnumbered by the mob. It expressed doubts about the police claim on the size of the mob – between 1,000 and 1,500. The report stated: “It seems that the exaggerated number of the mob has been given by the police officers/officials in order to cover up lapses on their part….The act of the mob lynching the five persons was ghastly and crossed all limits of humanity. The police personnel failed to save the precious lives of five innocent persons from the cruel hands of the mob…the police officers were over-confident to defuse the situation…they did not take stern action against the violent mob and they only kept on pacifying and pushing the mob.”

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