Scams kill all: A Press Release


Jai Bhagwan Jatav, President ‘Rashtriya Shoshit Parishad’ briefed news media on the eve of full body Planning Commission meeting scheduled on 8th Nov.2007. It began with the misappropriation of Rs.  965.61 crores in the year 2006-2007 and misappropriation of Rs. 1534 crores which is in the pipeline for the current year 2007-2008 in Govt. of NCT of Delhi. This misappropriation or scandal is committed in the name of socio-economic-educational development of SCs/STs residing in Delhi. The budget provisions were made as per the guidelines (D.O. No.M-13011/3/2005-SP-Co dated 31st Oct 2005) and additional guidelines (D O No. M-13054/2/2005-BC dated 28th December 2005) issued by the Planning Commission and subsequent meeting held in the Planning Commission with the Department of Planning, Department for the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Minority and Delhi Scheduled Caste Financial Development Corporation (DSFDC) of Govt. of NCT of Delhi on 6th March 2006 to decide the plans and policies whereupon the fund allocated under SCSP must be utilized.

According to these guidelines, additional guidelines and minutes of meeting dated 6th March 2006, the fund allocated under Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP) and Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) are non-lapsable and non-divertible and has to be spent on individuals, families and hamlets belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST). The guideline was issued to the Planning Secretaries of States/UTs based on the commitment of Prime Minister in 51st National Development Council (NDC) meeting to bridge the socio-economic gap between SC/ST and General in a period of 10 years.     Under RTI Act 2005, when the officers of Govt. of NCT informed [F.9(4)2005–06/DSCST/SCP/6726 dated 11.10.07]  that total money spent out of SCSP fund for socio-economic upliftment of SC/ST/OBC/Minority is Rs. 12.5 Crores in the year 2006-07 and for the current year Delhi Govt. will spent total Rs. 20.1 Crores. Mostly the funds are misappropriated in such a way that no SC/ST can get benefited e.g. Transport (165.55 Crores), General Education (114.53 crores), Medical (277.51crores), Urban Development (179.67 Crores), etc. While neglecting the guidelines of Planning Commission and Controller General of Accounts, the officers of Department of Planning & Finance Delhi Government are so adamant that they did not opened the SCSP Code 789 and TSP Code 796 and therefore fund allocation made under SCSP/TSP is beyond the preview of audit.

Finally the perpetrators are always protected. In a personal hearing to appeal under RTI Act 2005, the officers of Govt. of NCT of Delhi informed informally that “Planning Commission is an advisory body and it is not necessary to follow their all advises”. With this state of affairs the officers of Govt. of NCT of Delhi neither follow the guidelines and additional guidelines issued by the Planning Commission nor do they adhere to their own commitments enumerated in the minutes of meeting dated 6th March 2006. On the other side the Planning Commission keeps on approving the Annual Plans of Govt. of NCT of Delhi without adhering to its own guidelines and additional guidelines. It is most shameful that that non of the point mentioned in the guideline, additional guideline and minutes of the meeting has been covered under the schemes of Delhi Govt.  This is all well planned scandal since several decades to deprive SCs & STs from their rights and to undermining the constitution and democracy. 

Planning Commission once again holding a full body meeting on 8th Nov 2007 wherein they will decide the agenda points of forthcoming NDC meeting. The relevance of meeting of Planning Commission and NDC is null and void especially in the socio-economic upliftment of SCs & STs.  The officers of the Planning Commission and Delhi Govt. are predetermined and systematically avoiding Prime Minister’s vision to bridge the socio-economic gap between SCs/STs and General in a period of 10 years.  Such state of affairs certainly creates the suitable conditions for the marketing of brands like Naxalism, Riots, Unrest, Terrorism, Capitalism, SEZs, etc. wherein mostly SCs & STs are victimized or killed which is a undoubtedly genocide. SC/ST constitutes one fourth population of the country and since last 60 years the Govt. of India is using them as tools. No doubt the chairman of Planning Commission and NDC is always the champion either knowingly or unknowingly. Among others who contributed are Shri Swami Nath, Shri Keshav Ram and Mr. Umesh Babu.  

Date: 07.11.2007  

Umesh Babu


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