Khairlanji: Court proceedings on 9thOct’07


The court assembles at 11:15 A.M.The witness Dr. Avinash Shende is again called in the witness box.The defence lawyer Adv.Bedarkar rises to conitnue his cross-examine of the witness.

Adv.Bedarkar: Did Dr.Bante assist you in the post mortem?

Wit: No,I alone myself completed all the P.M.s.

Adv.Bedarkar: Are you aware that if any podtmortem is done, one assistant has to be there to assist main doctor?

 Wit: No sir there is no such rule.

( Adv.Bedarkar then reads through the portion of the book cocerning the presence of an assistance while doing the P.M.)

Judge(intervening): That opinion is of the author & it is not a law.

( Adv.Bedarkar finishes his cross-examinadtion & sits down.)

Now, the next witness Gopichand Mohture is called in the witness box.

He states before the court in his examination that he heard the accused Jagdeesh Mandalekar saying to an owner of a paan-kiosk ,Sunil Lede that he wants a cup of tea on credit since he accidently burnt his cash of Rs.150/- which he had kept in his shirt .That shirt he had to burn because on that shirt there were blood spots which were due to the splashing of the blood of the 4 members from Bhotmange family whom he had murdered the previous night.

Criminal 3- ’Its my right to kill & rape them(Dalits); you cant do anything?’, Jagdish Mandlekar

He(the accused)was heard saying to Sunil Lede that he would implicate him if he discloses that fact to anybody else. On cross-examination this witness admits that the accused Jagdeesh might have muttered that because of intoxicated by alcohol.

(This witness’s deposition runs for 1 & half hr.At 1:30 in the noon the court had to be adjourned till the next day as the next witness is not present. The Judge complains to the prosecution that those people were not asked the question but he is asked the questions, so they should be ready with at least 5 witnesses in hand so that if any of the witness does not arrive the next witness in line could be called to depose. Finally, the Hon.Judge adjourns the court till the next day i.e.10th October.)

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