Ghastly Ghettos


The nefarious design of caste virus is here to stay. Unlimited and organised efforts from caste groups are on anvil in preserving and nurishing the caste order that accords supremacy/benefits to them in the form of negative discrimination . Shockingly, new developments among educated caste lots are observed; caste virus percolated in upper order of caste pyramid in more conspicuous sense than lower order. Even after education and consuming so much of public resources, this shameless  lot cuts all lines of civil society and proudly associate themselves within their ghettos undercoverd.  The ripples are visible in outer world. 

The following News-paper cutting  is  just an usual advertisement in one among many National Dailes; sounds out an alram. The message is very clear in India celebration of  caste-pride(nay sub-caste pride, Chitpawan Brahmin) this way is still a respectable social phenomenon. The dirt accumulated in the process is not only disappointing feature for true democracy but it adds to the fear among different other groups those are inturn forced for gearing  up poralisation.

Pic 01: Chitpawan Brahmins close-fraternity; Most educated lot in Maharatsra;
Education doesnt make all!

Society only sees dalit hatred upfront due to their transparent and open behaviour. Media  yet not unsurfaced the hidden Caste-virus operating among upper caste groups. Its unfortunate, Indian media is devoid of that perspective. May be it is because the most of the mediamen share similar(upper) caste affiliations and there is no Voltaire among them.

 There is an unrecognised face of ‘elite’ caste virus working 24×7 to  retain sub-caste lineage in Institutions- private and public. This is only visible after reaching fundametalist pinnacles like in killing its own people.  We have a grand example in this arena; RSS Chitpawans close-fraternity killed Gandhi is a naked truth ( Gandhi  during his life time supported even handedly the  inhuman Hindu social order that generates close -caste fraternities) . Hypocracy kills hypocracy what else!

2 Responses to “Ghastly Ghettos”

  1. I am really confused at this article. How is the author connecting the links with the advertisement. I cat read MARATHI and I dont see anything wrong with the Advertisement. Can someone elaborate please !

  2. you hindus can not see because their is change in your genes.all huminity genes are replaced by barbaric genes by your 33 crores congenital abnormal god and godeses.

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