Tribals attacked ‘nothing happened’ : CasteVirus 009MH2007


Fresh violence erupted in Thane (rural) on Sunday morning as more tribals were allegedly targeted for attending prayer meets.    Despite an assurance from home minister R R Patil that the police would take action against attacks on tribals, six people were assaulted at Kuttal village in Wada taluka, around 125 km away from Mumbai.  Vice-chairman of the state minorities commission, Abraham Mathai, who visited Kuttal, said, “I spoke to the six victims—four women and two men. They were punched and kicked for attending prayer meets.’’ At the state-run hospital in Wada taluka, head of the tribal family Vishnu Barad (27) told Mathai that they had regularly received warnings from certain villagers who did not want them to attend the prayer meets. The six victims are said to be stable. However, they received internal injuries.

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One Response to “Tribals attacked ‘nothing happened’ : CasteVirus 009MH2007”

  1. 1 tehelkaexposed

    I am interpreting from this post that these six people were thrashed because they tried to attend a prayer of some God or Deity. I wish I knew more to formulate my response but in any case everyone should be welcomed to such prayers specially if its a public event.

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