Police Atrocity: Caste virus 004KT2007


The police have decided to close the case on the alleged murder of a Dalit farmer in Alahal village in Surpur taluk of Gulbarga district. They have rejected a complaint filed by the farmer’s son stating that his father was murdered by a landlord and others on the night of June 18 over a dispute on leasing land.

pic01: Seeking justice: Maramma, wife of the deceased farmer Parmanna,


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One Response to “Police Atrocity: Caste virus 004KT2007”

  1. 1 tehelkaexposed

    Picture speak a thousand words. I am seeing the pictures of “Maramma, wife of the deceased farmer Parmanna”. I do not know much about the case but looking at her face, I see an honest person who is suffering because of the greed of landlord or whoever that might be. This case should be investigated and the guilty punished. I think we should try to help her by raising some money. Can you publish their contact details so that I can send some money via moneygram or something similar.

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