Inter-caste marriages: Perversions continue..


Inter-caste couples who defy their parents’ wishes often are banished from their families. Hostile village elders find ways to invalidate such unions, sometimes by alleging that one of the partners was coerced and throwing the other in jail. Or the couple is hounded out of the community, their homes and property forfeit.”People are morally, ethically, wittingly or unwittingly committed to this system,” said Pawan Kumar Shrivastava, who works for the state government of Madhya Pradesh, in a department devoted to helping Dalits and other oppressed groups. “It’s so ingrained in our social system that whenever anybody tries to break away from it, to deviate from the norms, he faces social wrath.”

In some cases, relatives have resorted to “honor killings.” Last year, a Brahmin man and two friends from a town near Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, were sentenced to hang for murdering the Brahmin’s brother-in-law and three others, to avenge the “insult” of his sister having married into a lower caste.

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2 Responses to “Inter-caste marriages: Perversions continue..”

  1. 1 tehelkaexposed

    I am not in favor of this so called love marriages (so what if its inter caste marriage) simply because they do not have respective parents approval. Indian society from last thousand years have been following the customs typical of Islamic culture otherwise called arranged marriages. I do understand shortcomings of arranged marriages and as with anything it has its benefits. In todays westernized world, it has become a fashion to elop in the name of love which in my eyes is very selfish and irresponsible. Such marriages usual break two (or atleast one) family. And most of the times, I think love affair, specially those done at early age, lacks rational and is fully driven by infatuation and lust. If one gets so driven by this desires at an early age, chances of their successful educational and mental development are slim. Thats the reason why I dont consider it healthy. In the case of example of Mumbai suburb, this is what has happened. If a girl/boy has not respect to the sufferings of their parents who have suffered a lot in carrying out their upbringing, then I have not respect for them.

  2. 2 tehelkaexposed

    Some people can only see what they want to see. In this article I have noticed that this problem is only prevalent in Indian Social System because it is caste driven. Statement by Mr Pawan kumar Shrivastava is irresponsible He says that “It’s so ingrained in our social system that whenever anybody tries to break away from it, to deviate from the norms, he faces social wrath.” This means that honor killings or social wrath on such events (inter caste marriages or love marriages) is only an Indian phenomenon. Also the fact that atrocitynews chose to publish this point speaks of lack of knowledge to say the least and intrinsic desire of the team at atrocitynews to see every thing through the glass of caste system.
    Honor killings happen the most in Islamic world and is a severe problem in Pakistan and all over Middle east. In fact all of UK is finding it troubling and is figuring out ways to deal with it. Do some reading folks before instigating your minds for biased analysis through the prism of caste equations.

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