On Inter-Caste marriage


Can loads of data, provocative questions and fresh perspectives make a dent on an Indian politician’s mind? The answer turns out to be yes, but so can practical gut feeling have an impact in better understanding such data and, possibly, new trends. Take globalisation and caste, for example. Fifty years of carefully collected data suggest that there has been no change in caste relations, as measured by inter-caste marriages, either in rural or urban India. No surprise for rural India, but got Mumbai? Isn’t that the cosmopolitan face of India? Nevertheless, the rate of inter-caste marriage there, as in the rest of India, has remained unchanged at less than 5 per cent…more

More than that ( above) intercaste marriages incluide mostly boys or girls coming from diffrent castes within upper 3 Varnas. Dalits are seperated apart.

One Response to “On Inter-Caste marriage”

  1. 1 tehelkaexposed

    I do not support Inter Caste Marriages if it is to solve problems of caste system. Marriage is a private decision of the families involved and we should stay out of their personal life.

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