High caste merit = High Corruption


High caste governance of independent India was responsible for rampant corruption in the country, senior counsel Ram Jethmalani, representing RJD, headed by Railway Minister Lalu Prasad, today told the Supreme Court. …more

2 Responses to “High caste merit = High Corruption”

  1. If what Mr Ram Jethmalani has said is true (High Corruption is result of Caste system and presence of Higher Caste people in position of Governance), it would imply that other coutries that are free from shackles of CASTE SYSTEM or control HIGHER CASTES should be free of CORRUPTION. USing that logic lets check a few countries:
    1. CHINA (World’s largest country and one that has NO CASTE or RELIGIOUS control of the governance, recognized in the world to be ruled by COMMUNISTS/MAOISTS) should be free of CORRUPTION. If you look at the corruption index of all corrupt countries of the world, CHINA is same as INDIA or worse. (list is available at http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0781359.html ) Following coutries are at par when it comes to corruption.

    1. Brazil 3.3 – NO CASTE SYSTEM – Christian country
    2. China 3.3 – NO CASTE SYSTEM – Ruled by communists
    3. Egypt 3.3 – NO CASTE SYSTEM – Muslim country
    4. Ghana 3.3 – NO CASTE SYSTEM
    5. India 3.3 – CASTE SYSTEM
    6. Mexico 3.3 – NO CASTE SYSTEM
    7. Peru 3.3 – NO CASTE SYSTEM
    8. Saudi Arabia 3.3 – – NO CASTE SYSTEM – Muslim country
    9. Senegal 3.3 – NO CASTE SYSTEM

  2. you hindus are born barbaric and corrupt,look at your Rama ,Sita,Krishna.you donot have any moraland chrarcters.once I was coming from Boston to newyork,I met Polishh tourist and they started asking about untouchables in India ,When I told about the story of untouchable in India ,then they commented about Japani about Brako caste ,there were Brako in Japan and when you ask about brako they will hide their face and feel ashamed what their forefather,what they did to Brako,here in India these shame less hindus are begging in America and europe to middle east .time has come dalits,muslims ,christians andBuddhist to kick the ass of hindu toilet papers(Indian news papers) first and bring the foreign news papers to India where these BJP wallaha will be exposed to world about their mask face.

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