Moving Ocean, AshokaVijayaDashmi Nagpur


India is said to be the country of 33,00,00,ooo Gods and Goddesses.  No one can imagine how they took birth on this land where nearly 40,00,00,000 people  habituated to hunger on one side while on the other nearly 5,00,000 people are frustrated with obesity.  Later feast themselves in Clubs, night parties whereas former worship Gods and Godesses in a hope to see tomarrows  bright sun. Alas! only hypocracy turns up; viruses of both kinds i.e. Caste discrimination & Corruption  cultured.

Within this conspiracy of Gods & Goddesses, there is a silent revolution going on in India. This was intiated by Buddha 2551 years ego and accelerated Dr BR Ambedkar in recent Times. The ripples of which are  spreading across time and space; seen in numerous self driven abode in trios- liberty, Equality and Fraternty embedded in Buddha Dhamma and Sangha.  There are, however, 2 things very  pecular in this revolution. First being the conscience of people in taking up self-responsibilities while other is peculiar due to its absence. Guess what? It’s design of any GOD. In India this is phenomenal Topsy-turvey change. The masses that go into the silent revolution of personality reclamation without God belief. The evidence is clear, watch todays gathering in Nagpur and experience for yourself on this very day of AshokaVijaya Dashami millions and million of people gathering from diffrent parts of India. They are here to encarve in their minds single message – ATTA DIP BHAVA (Be light of Oneself). Fascinatingly, discipline replaces God for  them in silent yet revolutionary manner; both internaly & externally.

NO surprisingly Domestic Media as well as International media fall short in understanding the Moral behind the story. The rational behind congregation of 13,00,000(+10% increase every year from UP, Bihar, Orrissa, MP, Punjab, Gujrat, AP, Kerala, KArnataka) human mass in Nagpur is not merely commonality in the sufferings in their life(Dalit) but mainly the attraction towards inspirational NEW atmosphere that prods confidence in them. No where in the world bottom quartile of poor self propeled this way. Subsequesntly ,they spend major chunk of their yearly earnings (Per capita dalit household Income Avg. 300USD) on Books. Its only here in Nagpur Dhikshabhoomi,  single day sales of books crosses over  USD 40,000. The books stalls stay there for 3 days. Despite many hardships,  such a Love for Knowledge is unique in the world!

Pic 01; Masses settling; Morning 20st Oct.

Instead of valuing exemplary Ambedkarite inspirations on the ground, Media is fascinated by Lakme Fashion Show is sad Indian truth.

Pic02: Humanistic Pacific Ocean Moving; evening 21st Oct

Pic03: Sangha ( Novice monks with Elders) ; morning 21st oct

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