Khairlanji: Father ends hunger protest after Govt promise, Day3


In an unprecedented happening,  State Govt. of Maharashtra got into action after noticing the plight of Bhaiyyalal, who was on indefinite hunger for his two demands :
1.  Constituting a Special Court for Speedy disposal of Khailanji Case
2. To release all the activists detained after Khairlanji.

In a very pretending manner, the officials from State Government had direct discussions with Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange today. It is learnt that Chief Minister and Dy Chief Minister talked with  Bhaiyyalal. They apologised for the delay and told him that they would work on his two demands.

In case of slow Court proceedings, not a Special court but a Fast track court with day-to-day sitting  is  promised by State Govt.( Nothing new ! this was last year promised by CM but still not acted upon). This is no written promise although.

While on the other the Govt promised to release the Activists via written order 1475/Conf-A. Unsurprisingly it was natural for State  to take this decision as detentions have turned out to be unnecessary and costly.  None in the Activists is a criminal element in first place, secondly a quite large number of police force is engaged in their disposal rather that working on general law and order. (Had the law and oder maintained, Khairlanji would never had happened)  Specially it should be noted that  none of the Khairlanji protest lost human lives whereas State Govt itself killed two innocent Activists in the firing. The State Govt ( CM & Dy CM) promised Bhaiyyalal that all the IPC charges applied on Activists will be suspended who are not related to the destruction of public property of the value more than Rs5,00,000. ( No idea how the budgeting would be done and who will decide the value?)

This would have been done by State govt quite earlier. One thing is sure that if one wants to wake up the administration one has to either warn self-immolation or hunger strike; forcing public to resort to all unconstitutional means. How irresponsible  the governance has become is a shocking picture , which is no way good for Indian democracy.

The sleeping yet corrupt Adminstartion can be made to work only by the people movement, is sad truth.

Last News: Charges of only IPC 321 suspensed . However many Activists are detained under false charges of IPC  307 and  Sect 34. So is there any use of Govt. promise.??


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