Peaceful Revolution in India; 51st stoke


Come CHANDRAPUR and its your entry into AFRESH Buddhist world.  Today India enters in 51st year of peaceful movement towards ‘just ‘society. The Life-wheel accelerated by  Dr B R Ambedkar on same day of 14th Oct. in 1956 is worth noting that brought fascinating change in Indian society without  shading single drop of blood.  This has invariably helped to set in egalitarian conditions for world communities in deepening their roots in democracies of different forms ; this  movement is also anticipates society free from  religious dogmas.

The suffering civilisation  in India that follows Dr Ambedkar has wholesome reason to celebrate. Its time for understanding their potential in taking up World Leadership despite chaos & troubles of  RED CAPITALISM, OIL WEAPON HATRED. So can it be said Ambedkarites threading a frictionless path leading to World-Peace? See the pics below, its a testimony.

Pic01: Samata Sainik Dal (SSD) Long march_Suraya aamuche Ambedkar;
Amhi tyanchi surya fule

Pic02: You cant bit ’em  _ Boudha dhamma hai sabse pyara;
Vishva mein chamka Bhim hamara

Pic03: Simple Impressions;_ Pimpalacha jhadala phutala re pala;
Jaibhim bola re jaibhim bola

Pic04: Awesome Combination_Dhamma ki dhwaja jagayenge;
Vishwa mein shanty layenge

Pic05 Liberation is leadership_Ek rupayya chandicha;
Sara bharat baudhancha

Pic07: Gathering for conversions_Babasaheb ki dhammakranti;
Vishashanti vishawashanti

Prooved Human Ideals_Babasaheb kare pukaar;
Baudha dhamma ka karo swikar

MORE TO COME on ASHOKA VIJAYADASHMI  till then be in touch with Atrocitynews!

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