Khairlanji: Father crying out, Day-1


This is been an year ending to  Bhaiyalal Bhotmange’s reeling under the awe shock.  He is missing his family after all members were exterminated by Castiest forces on 29th September. He is not feeling the life as it was earlier. Not a single chance left by existing Govt. in preventing irreparable loss done to him and society at large thereafter.   Not so educated Bhaiyalal though understands ; cries out in support for Activists who showed solidarity in street protests all over Maharashtra and in some pockets of India last year.  Bhaiyyalal hopes Home Minister notices the conditions detained 3500 Activists before its too late; who are still behind bars even without knowing charges.

For the same, he is on no-diet (hunger) from today for indefinite period.  Unfortunately  State Minister did not acknowledged the deputation from Bhaiyyalal forwared to State Administration thru Addl Collector, Bhandara Mr B.N Bati  well 24 hours early.  Indifference to such ultimatum makes Bhaiyyalal go on Hunger today, he will continue to do so till the State Government institutes a SPECIAL Court for the summary judgements in Khairlanji Massacre and orders unconditional release of  3500 activists.

It should be noted that the careless and lackadaisical approach of the State machinery cost heavily in loose framing of the case; easy for defence side to get out the prosecution.


hunger strike
Pic01: Bhaiyyalal On hunger cry; morning hours

Pic02: Bhaiyyalal Mourning, Afternoon hours


Pic02: Bhaiyyalal saddened in Evening hours

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