Freeing ‘Khairlanji Activists’: Today Home Minister meets


In a response to the emerging political situation in Maharastra, Home Minister  Mr R. R. Patil is holding rounds of talks with his colleagues and ‘brave’ officials, today, for waiving the charges on the activists who came on streets after ghastly Khairlanji Massacre last year.

Pic01: Mr RR Patil; Home not in order, state of Ministerial crime

Mr. R. R Patil made very dangerous statement last year of having Naxal links with the protest Marches help after the massacre. The minister apologised after realising that the protests getting more fuel due to his ignorant comments . That time he also said that his statement had basis of erroneous reports submitted by his ‘brave’ (corrupt) officials. However still this notorious Govt booked the ignorant over 5000 activists all over State under different sections of IPC. The activists more than 3500 are still under detention. What kind of governance is this? The state which should be looking into providing economic-social support to youth is engaged in wrongfully detaining the youth under severe charges of IPC 307. It is sure that the  harm is done already; 3-4 months in Police custody spoiled their earning capacities and carriers. Also the state itself  has also shown them wrongful path leading to criminality.

Now the Minister got up from sleep and  seems to have  feared of large public backlash in coming elections . One reason can be BSP`s arrival in Maharashtra; he has called up a meeting today in order to  suspend the frivolous charges levelled on activists.

The action from Mr R R Patil is important in the wake of  ‘Hunger strike’ announcement for releasing the detained  atcivists’ made by Bhayyalal Bhotmange last week. Bhaiyyalal is the only survivor of castiest murder of his family last September 2006 in Kharlanji,Bhandara.

Le’ts see if the Hon. Minister finds some wisdom on his own and facilitates early release of youth Activists; stay in touch, Atrocitynews will get back to you on this>>

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