Psudo Communists of India: Castevirus operates in Uniform


A Kerala government school has stirred up a controversy by asking 85 primary school students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) to wear uniforms of a different colour than the other students. The Moolankavu Government School at Sultan Battery in the Wayanad district introduced two different uniforms for its students in June. While the SC/ST students wear blue checked shirts, other children wear maroon checked uniforms. The issue is yet to be addressed though one term of the academic year is over.

Reacting to the controversy, school headmistress Sosamma Mathew said that there was no discrimination at all. “Every year the Noolpuzha village council supplies free uniform sets to the SC/ST children and it was done by them this academic year also. But the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that met just before the school reopened decided to change the blue colour of the uniform and opted for the new maroon coloured clothing. By that time the village council had already supplied the blue colour uniform to the SC/ST students,” Mathew said. Local reports said that there are no members of the SC/ST community in the school’s PTA committee.

Wayanad district in Kerala has the state’s highest concentration of people of the ST community — 37.36%.”This has come to my notice only now and we will take immediate steps and action against this anomaly,” state education minister M A Baby said.

Source: TOI

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