Job situation ‘hopeless’ for Dalits


Just 3.4 per cent of those looking for white-collar jobs through a popular website in the country belong to the Other Backward Castes (OBCs); another 1 per cent belong to the Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST= Dalits) category. This gives some idea of how skewed the white-collar job market is, given that OBCs are said to comprise around 36 per cent of the population and those in the SC/ST group another 28 per cent. In other words, 64 per cent of the country find a 4.4 per cent representation among educated job-seekers

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3 Responses to “Job situation ‘hopeless’ for Dalits”

  1. 1 ramesh

    It was reported in Daily Vruttratna Samrat that on 27th March 2006, Zilla Parishad School at village Vaksh Taluka-Nilanga Dist-Latur is practicing untouchability during distribution of mid-day meal. Mr. S.G.Barmade an upper caste Headmaster of the school used to provide mid-day meal to SC & ST children separately & Non- SC & ST children separately. Due to which the young minds of SC-ST children developed inferiority complex. The matter was reported by the parent of a Buddhist boy Mr. Laxman Kamble on 7th March 2006, but no action was taken by the police or Govt. authorities.

  2. Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

  3. 3 don

    u take action by ur meaning on such people . they don,t change they got hereditory problems like that……..and let them know first to take birth where is not in hands of person …

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