‘The Untouchable Kids of India’ World Premiere on 21st Oct. Sunday


Nickeloden News With Linda Ellerbee Travels to India to Reveal the World’s Biggest Democracy’s Dirty Little Secret;and you can see in ‘The Untouchable Kids of India’ World Premiere on 21st October Sunday, October 21, at 8:30 P.M. (Et/Pt) On Nickelodeon

NEW YORK, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ — With one billion people, India is the world’s largest democracy, often cited as an example to developing nations. India, however, has a dirty little secret-a caste system that still excludes more than 150 million people, known as Dalits. What’s it like to be a Dalit kid? Award-winning journalist Linda Ellerbee travels to India to give American kids a first-hand look into the world of the Dalits on Nick News’ The Untouchable Kids of India, premiering Sunday, October 21, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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Readers be careful as Mr Gandhi is quoted by this channel positively while narrating caste dynamics. If someone knows slightest of Indian history; Mr Gandhi was the first person to support caste system. Due to Congress branding exercise in International circuits no one knows Gandhi`s most ugly side. People only know that Mahatma like Gandhi existed on Indian Land; undermining existence of worth mahatmas like Mahatma Fule. See for yourself what he said on inhuman caste system in following quotes. Clearly after 60 years of piltical independace, there is Congress marketing gimmicks looseing out of minds of majority of Indians barrring few secular & opportunistic uppercaste (although who have settled well in Foreign lifestyle),Gandhian romanticism turns out to be non-sensical. This trick may appeal international audience but not Indians. NO Indian minds Gandhi’s branding now adays. Pictures of Gandhi are only left on Indian Rupee; ironically most of which is aquired by the politicians who used his tricks for NAME & POWER game (not for love for him). The topic is now being widely debated on various forums in India without much of disagreement on what was Gandhi’s contribution in continuing slavery of Indian ‘type. Congressman says he publicshed Harijan. See following of his non-sensical quotes in the same and other magzines. If one propagates caste in the name of religion,  he inturn perpetuates violence against Scheduled Castes(SC) and Women, its not only anti-constitutional but its against natural morality; its crime on humanity. Then how can Gandhi be taken as caste,gender, and religion sensitive / Mahatma?

Mr. Gandhi was never been Mahatma.

Today  no need of research to justify that SCs and Muslim and other backward caste could stay together with affinity due to caste virus .

In Gujarat Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes, Other backward caste were seen involved in the killings of innocent Muslims not because they have some enmity with them but because they are entrapped in shibboleths of Hindu Caste entanglements supported by National politics of Gandhi kind. Need is to target the root causes of illness, not to deal with symptoms. Gandhi’s philosophy is failure, because it doesn’t exist, even if one contest it has its own contradictions.

A sane wont eat dung only because it contains few pieces of sweet in it; same is true with religion and ideologies.

Read quotes of Gandhi on caste – extracted from various sources

“If the Shudras (low castes) leave their ancestral profession and take up others, ambition will rouse in them and their peace of mind will be
spoiled. Even their family peace will be disturbed.” (Hind Swaraj).

“I believe in Varnashrama (caste system) which is the law of life. The law of Varna (color and / or caste) is nothing but the law of conservation of energy. Why should my son not be scavenger if I am one? ” (Harijan,3-6- 1947).

“He (Shudra, low caste) may not be called a Brahmin (uppermost caste), though he (Shudra) may have all the qualities of a Brahmin in this birth. And it is a good thing for him (Shudra) not to arrogate a Varna (caste) to which he is not born. It is a sign of true humility.” (Young India, 11-24-1927).

“According to Hindu belief, he who practices a profession which does not belong to him by birth, does violence to himself and becomes a degraded being by not living up to the Varna (caste) of his birth.” (Young India, 11-14-1927).

“As years go by, the conviction is daily growing upon me that Varna (caste) is the law of man’s being, and therefore, caste is necessary for Christians and Muslims as it has been necessary for Hinduism, and has been its saving grace.” (Speech at Trivandrum, (Collection of Speeches), Ramanath Suman (1932)).

“I would resist with my life the separation of “Untouchables” from the aste Hindus. The problems of the “Untouchable” community is of omparatively little importance. ” (London Round Table Conference 1931.)

“I call myself a Sanatana man, one who firmly believes in the caste system.” (Dharma Manthan, p 4).

“I believe in caste division determined by birth and the very root of caste division lies in birth. ” (Varna Vyavastha, p 76-77).

“The four castes and the four stages of life are things to be attained by birth alone. ” (Dharma Manthan, p 5).

“Caste means the predetermination of a man’s profession. Caste implies that a man must practice only the profession of his ancestors for his livelihood. ” (Varna Vyavstha, p 28, 56, 68).

“Shudra only serves the higher castes as a matter of religious duty and who will never own any property. The gods will shower down flowers on him.” (Varna Vyavastha, p 15).

‘I have noticed that the very basis of our thought have been severely haken by Western civilization which is the creation of the Satan. “(Dharma Manthan, p 65).

“How is it possible that the Antyaja (outcastes) should have the right to enter all the existing temples? As long as the law of caste and karma has the chief place in the Hindu religion, to say that every Hindu can enter every temple is a thing that is not possible today.” (Gandhi Sikshan, Vol. 11, p 132).

“There are I am sorry to say, many Hindu temples in our midst in this country, which are no better than brothels. The caste system can’t be said to be bad because it does not allow inter-dining and inter-marriages in different castes.” (Gandhi by Shiru, p129).

“The caste system, in my opinion, has a scientific basis. Reason does not revolt against it. It has disadvantages. Caste creates a social and moral restraint – I can find no reason for their abolition. To abolish caste is to demolish Hinduism. There is nothing to fight against the Varnasharma (caste system). I don’t believe the caste system to be an odious and vicious dogma. It has its limitations and defects, but there is nothing sinful about it. ” (Harijan, 1933).

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  1. 1 Tehelka Exposed

    Can you provide some authentic sources to confirm quotes of Gandhiji ? I serious doubt iff these quotes are correct. (May be sources are correct and I dont know enough about it). But It will be hard to assume someone who decided to clean his own toilets and asked his wife and children to do the same would be believing in the caste system. Caste system was social system and it still exists in all part of the world today. What is different is the lack of discrimination in its naked form. Can you please substantiate the references. Just claiming them to be from those sources does not make it so.

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