A comment ; a question?


Narender writes..

“Very commonly it is believed that seniors commit atrocities over junior staff members. But a news in Times of India, “AIIMS faculty member cries caste bias”, on 25 Sep 2007 is eye opener. A senior Doctor (Dr Suman Bhaskar) has complained to the SC Commission alleging caste discrimination by her colleagues against her, as per this report.Dr Bhasker alleged that her repeated requests to senior administrators to solve the issue fell on deaf ears. The concerned Administrators AIIMS director, P Venugopal and the department HoD Dr G K Rath have already been summoned.

The complete news is available HERE.
I would like to know from legal experts if this type of discrimination violates the fundamental rights of Dr Suman Bhaskar. (Article 15. Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.)”


Narender thanks for sharing this news with us. Qualified Atrocitynews Readers are requested to comment further. As per as our stand, this is a case  where affected party can reach Supreme Court with a writ petition under provision Article 32 of Indian Constituiton. Doctrine of  ‘Habeas Corpus’ is clearly applicable here.

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