‘Free Burma’ Peace March: Indian Monks reach Chaityabhoomi,Mumbai


They are in absolute peace, they are silent, they are careful and they walk. People looking them feel inspired and confident. These are Buddhist Monks leading a peace March in s busy megalopolis Mumbai; protesting against the bloody rule of Junta in Burma, inviting democratic support to democratic struggle in Burma. The Peace March followed by many Indian monks towards ‘Chaityabhoomi’ where last remains of Dr Ambedkar, father of Indian Constitution are kept. This place is located in Central part of Mumbai, Dadar ; turning out to be source of inspiration for most of the Indians.

Pic01:Click on the MAp to enlarge & to see Chaityabhoomi

This instance reverberates crucial unity in Buddhist World trggered on a subtle call from suffering brethren in Burma. More importantly when the erosion of democratic values takes place, instead of resorting to violence, Monks have shown courage to resort to only peaceful means(not even to non-constitutional means like Satyagraha). Such models are seen everywhere be it Cambodia or be it Taiwan or be it recent case of Burma.

Leanings: Human values are more important than political ideologies or religious injunctions.

Pic02: Indian Monks taking a lead

Pic03: They care therefore they walk


We at Atrocitynews, thank ‘Asian Age’ team for having taken notice of the Peace March!

One Response to “‘Free Burma’ Peace March: Indian Monks reach Chaityabhoomi,Mumbai”

  1. please UPDATE with News of Monday 26th asap

    especially pics


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