Puna March in Newspapers


Following are some links indicating  coverage of Y’day’s  ‘Free-Burma’ Candle March; seen in the Morning papers . One must piquantly remember such supportive Media coverage was missing for Khairlanji issue and also during post-issue peaceful agitations for reasons pretty known to Indian Caste mindsets!

Anyways unfettered, voluntary compliance to democratic notions could be the best solutions for several superstitious ills observed in socio-religious-dogmatic life anywhere in the world. Because Democratic mechanisms do not necessarily depend on the assumption that some benevolent Dictator will come &  save the Nation. It is most equal arrangement. Hence is the support of Atrocitynews team for Democratic movement in the world. Secondly, Burma is special in this regard as the protest are led by Buddhist Monks who have no personal ambitions but they are toiling their efforts in order to prevail peace in the country; sometimes at the cost of their lives. This happening is unique and inspirational!

1. Indian Express click here

2.The Herald (click on thumbnail)


3.Times of India(click on thumbnail)


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