Burmese cause : Ambedkarite cause 8.30


The congregation mainly coming from Indian Buddhist background then entered in Dr Ambedkar garden located in the centre of the city where the demand charter was read out by the conveyors. The charter implores Indian government to initiate support the cuase. Ambedkarites generally come from 25% of Indian population which itself is big pressure block in world political system. The peaceful protest culminated with monks giving guiding notice to the mob in front of Dr Ambedkar Statue.

Pic015: Marching ahead; restoring World order

And then was the ultimate time for mob to pay tribute to monks & people who died in a daring & peaceful fight for democracy in Burma. This was the touching scene. 

Pic016: Monks right there

Pic018: We, the people! Will the Govt of India hear us?

One Response to “Burmese cause : Ambedkarite cause 8.30”

  1. Dear Acticvists,

    The ‘Burmese Junta, Military Rule’ has not hesitated even to kill Buddhist Monks, the monks are disrobed and tortured. Innocent people who demand democracy i.e. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in the language of Buddhist follower of Bodhisattva Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, such people are killed and tortured inhumanly. The anti-Buddhist atrocity in Burma is crime against humanity.

    Buddhist non-violence does not mean not to demand rights by democratic way. The peace loving Burmese People and even the non-violent Buddhists Monks are killed shamelessly by the Military Rule in Burma.

    On behalf of Young Buddhist Association (YBA) we support the Burmese People, their demand and all awakened Indian Buddhist Activists. The Buddhist world must unite in such difficult time. International intervention in Burma is necessary to bring peace for suffering people of Burma.

    Namo Buddhai, Jai Bhim,
    Pravin Bhalesain (YBA)
    +91-93229 46981

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