Burmese revolution: Indian Buddhists demonstrate


Indian Buddhist monks in Gaya held a sit-in against the violent crackdown of pro-democracy demonstrators in Myanmar and expressed solidarity with their counterparts in Myanmar.Hundreds of monks chanted religious verses and held placards against the Myanmar’s military rule in Gaya.Hundreds of thousands of Buddhist monks in Myanmar are protesting in the country calling for democracy and an end to the military government.

Nearly two weeks of protests on the streets of Yangon, initially led by saffron- clad monks, have provoked a staunch reaction from the government, with at least nine people reportedly killed in violent clashes.The demonstrators, who had gathered under the aegis of national monks association in Bodh Gaya, where Lord Buddha is known to have attained enlightenment, called for peace in Myanmar.”We have assembled here to protest for the immediate restoration of peace in Myanmar and allow the people to form their own government,” said Dharmviriyo, a former lawmaker and president of India’s monk association.

The protesting monks also sought India’s intervention to restore democracy in Myanmar.”We want democracy and ask the Indian government for help. We want peace in our country,” said Zamira, a Buddhist monk from Myanmar.India shares a 1,645-km long border on its east with Myanmar.Although New Delhi initially supported Nobel laureate Aung Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy, it has not been able to persuade the military regime to restore democracy in the Country.

 Source: Malaysia Sun

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