Khairlanji Commomoration 29th Sept. : Oath taken


To protest against the government  for their lackadaisical attidute on Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar-Khairlanji massacre & other Dalit atrocities, a mammoth protest programme was organised by Ambedkar Nagar-Khairlanji  massacre protest committee which was a loose conglomeration of some of  the different Dalit social organisations. The personalities invited were  Dr.Yashvant Manohar, a Dalit Literary,Indeera Athavle , a social  activist,Dada Gaikawad,an union leader, Ashok Saraswati,Rajendra  Gajbhiye,Nagesh Chaudhari,Bhikku Sanghapriya ,Rahul Wankhede,Bheematai Bhoudhha(A  budhhist preacher from Varashivani,M.P.),Dhyaneshvar Gote,etc.

Pic02: Mammoth Gathering

                    Allmost all the speakers cticised the Dalit leaders  for their slavery to rulling party.They stressed upon the need to  buycott such agents of the govt.A few other spoke about the need to  practise Buddhism to destroy the subcastes among ourselves & to unite  under its umbrella. But most of the speakers stressed upon the need to form  a fighting force to avenge the Dalit atrocities. They decided to destroy  the Caste terrorism first by organising a fighting force since annihilation caste is the distant dream.They warned the govt. that they are ready  to take up arms  if they do not get the Justice. One of the speakers  spoke on the need to dismanle the band of Harijans who infiltrated into the  Dhamma order after the demise of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar.  He also mentioned the uselessness of such order & asked the people for their support to form a guerilla force to give the casteist people a fitting reply.

Pic02: Speakers

The speakers also aimed at gathering on this 6th December at Chaityabhumee , Mumbai to discuss the finality of the fighting organisation. The whole programme was managed well by the able leadership of the Budhhist  sisters from Sambudhha Mahila Sangathan(Enlightened Ladies’ Organisation)

Pic 03: Singing cadre

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