Indian Buddhists rise up for Burmese cause


In the unprecedented event of complying to the universal fraternity and Democratic goals, Indian Buddhists are taking lead in registering protest against the brutalities donned by Burmese communist Govt. on its peaceful citizen demonstrations demanding democratic set-up in the country; triggered since  the sky rocket increase in fuel prices by five times.  On the other hand, the DEMONSTRATIONS to be led by Indian Buddhists in the lengths and breadths of India would prepare Indian common conscience in favour of Burmese peaceful citizens and monks.

The most suffering human block in the world of Indian Buddhists  derive so much of inspiration from  Burma due to its preservation of archetype Buddhist traditions. World democracy leader Boddhisatva Dr Ambedkar ; the father of Indian Democratic Constitution; also visited Burma more than one time and initiated peaceful people to people dialogues.

Pic01: Atrocity on Burmese Monks

Indian Buddhists are planning to stage peaceful demonstrations  in big cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Delhi, it is learnt they will register the protests  with the Chinese and Burmese embassies. They have already started mobilising the masses in favour of democratic set-up in Myanmar.  Few Indian Buddhist groups like MAnuski center is gearing up the responses as they are in direct contact with few Burmese Monks and international Buddhist organisations.  The situation is so critical that monks and civilians are made easy targets and they are killed unnoticed ; Junta is also restricting access of international vigilance or media to the ground situation. Its height of repression; no one knows how may died in the process.

Fortunately, Atrocitynews got access to a letter written by a participant-commoner in the Burmese movement for democracy. We request Readers to go thru it and please feel it and join the motion of transforming Burma into a Democratic nation freeing it from the dictatorial clutches of Junta.


Letter from a Burmese demonstrator

Dear Editor

The situation is rather scary because according to the junta nine people were killed, and 11 injured. One Japanese journalist was killed and an American journalist injured.They raided the Traders Hotel to look for more journalists. I think over 20 students were killed along with between five and 10 monks today.

I was lucky because I was with the largest group of about 100,000 people and we started from Sule. They shot at us and wounded one person and we decided to call more people and left Sule. There was no leader so I told a student who held the flag in the front to be careful and not to stray to a place which could be the army’s killing field . On the other hand there is no point trying to persuade young people not to be violent because they are enraged. I do not want confrontation but I want the world to know what we are doing so that we can continue in the days to come when the regime falls.

My voice is not loud enough to advise the crowd when they marched through a wide road with two walls (Between Tamwe junction and Kyaikkasan) where people could be killed.

I left just before that happened due to my sore feet and bruises ( I walked about 10 miles without proper sandals). In the evening they shot at the crowd. When I went back , there were sandals everywhere. I could not imagine what happened to young boys and girls at the front. They beat and killed monks last night when they raided many monasteries.There is no leader for all have been arrested. I do not know what will happen tomorrow. My brother was caught in Sule for an hour. People died there too. We closed our office after half a day. I can’t believe they would do that to us in this modern multimedia century. I have a lot of documentation.

Please use this e-mail address only to contact me. Do not call my cell phone. Prisons are full of people and monks. The generals are dangerous like caged animals. Please help. Can you tell your governments to do something??? May be one cruise missile to the Myanmar capital?





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