IISC Banglore, Ajay suicide case: CBI enquiry sought


A CBI inquiry into the suicide of Ajay Shree Chandra, a Ph.D. student, at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, last month has been demanded by the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes Employees’ Welfare Association at the institute.

The body of the 21-year-old research student was found hanging from the ceiling of his hostel room on August 27. The association took out a silent march on the campus and presented a letter to the Director of IISc on Thursday, demanding an “impartial inquiry.” They described Chandra in their memorandum as a “brilliant student with an excellent academic record” and alleged that he had suffered “harassment on the basis of his caste.”On Friday, the Samata Sainik Dal also staged a protest demanding a CBI inquiry.

The entries in the diary of Chandra were produced by the Association members, including one written the day before he died. Written in English and Telugu, these show Chandra’s troubled state of mind. “When all my friends’ projects are doing well, why is this happening to only my project,” he asked. “Maybe, I am in the wrong lab or this lab is not for me.” The association’ s demands include the filling of the 22.5 per cent reservations for students from SC and ST communities in all academic programmes, including research, and a 50 per cent representation for Dalits on the internal inquiry committee set up to investigate Chandra’s death.

Asked for their reactions, the Director and Associate Director of the Institute said they did not wish to comment.

A Detailed Report on Ajay Chandra’s suicide in IISC BAnglore  is done so thouroghly that it warrents civil society to organise and agitate.  Thanks to the dedicated efforts of BSN !  Please Click Here  to launch the report.

Source: BSN & Hindu

3 Responses to “IISC Banglore, Ajay suicide case: CBI enquiry sought”

  1. 1 Pankaj

    Suspend the Professor and sought the CBI inquiary.

  2. 2 Kavish Tamble

    I have worked closely with IISC since last twenty years. It is quite shameful that a student has commited suicide. Last year itself there have been three stidents who have commited suicide in IISC bangalore. Incidentally all the three students are not from the dalit community, the other two are from the upper castes. The IISC curicullum can be taxing on many students and they would find it difficult to cope. Let us not jump into the conclusion that it is caste based harrassment that has caused this suicide and allow the law authorities to go to the root cause. There are many other bigger issues for Dalits which we need our attention. This is my humble request to my Dalit brothers and sisters as I know the reality behind these suicides.

  3. 3 Saint

    What do you mean by you know the reality behind these suicides. CAN YOU EXPLAIN ME WHAT REALITY IS AND WHAT REALITY YOU ARE AWARE ABOUT THESE SUICIDES?.


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