From Khairlanji : Father warns Hunger strike


1. Bhiayyalal Bhotmange ( the only surviving father of the family that was ruthelessly murdered in Khairlanji, India on 29th Sept 2006) is now working with Government Boy’s hostel in Bhandara. He recently got the house from the Govt. of Maharastra. He has just send written deputation to the C.M.&P.M., through collector of Bhandara that he wants the Special court in Khairlanji case & the release of  innocent agitators who protested against the Khairlanji massacre and who were arrested under different false charges. If his demands are not fulfilled within 15 days; he will go on indefinate hunger stike.

Pic01: Father paying tribute to the ‘..’ family

2. The C.B.I.has not mentioned the rape in the charges because they are saying that they have not found the evidence of rape.  The ETV cameraman is yet to be called in the court & his video does not show the uncovered body of Priyanka.

3. Indicted, Mr. Pankaj Gupta is still D.I.G. of Ngp.divison. He is yet take over his charge of C.P.of Ngp. since present C.P. S.P.S. Yadav who ruthlessly suppressed the Dalit movement in the aftermath of Khairlanji massacre, is yet not transferred to C.I.D. Suresh Gupta is still the S.P. of Bhandara.  There are lot of discrepancies in the statements of the witness given to C.B.I., Magistrate & local police station of Andhalgaon. That may be due to the lapse of the memory on the part of the witnesses.

4. The channel 4 had covered the news recently.They visited the court & met Bhotmange. 

5. The Protest programme on 29th has created big momentum among masses. It’s been arranged in Bhandara by RAMABAI AMEDKAR NAGAR – KHAIRLANJI MASSACRE PROTEST COMMITTEE which is a conglomeration of most of the Dalit social movements.In this programme Dalit activists & some persons from communist thinking were invited.The less known personalities like Indeera Athavale,Shyam Gaikawad,Yashvant Manohar,Ashok Sarsvati,Sudheer Dhavle,etc, were present.

6.The mood in the public was that of making of the kind of a fighting force to avenge the Dalit Atrocities.

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