Khairlanji Commemoration: A mammoth Protest-March on 29th Sept


On the eve of inhuman Khairlanji Massacre Commemoration , a huge Protest March is planned on 29th of September in India. The concerned citizens have arranged such gathering inviting no direct involvement of political or other organisations or leaders. As we saw the Khairlanji protests last year thoughout the State had out of many one strong peculiarity that it were led by people themselves, the same coherence is expected this time too. The Anniversary MArch is expected to involve people/activists from different backgrounds who care for human values.

Pic01: All inclusive Protest on 29th Sept.

Our correspondent reports that almost 365 days have elapsed since the castiest forces murdered confident Surekha, brillient Priyanka & her innocent two brothers, still the murders are seen by the fundamentalists as not immoral under the pretext that lowly born individuals had no right to testify in front of police. This protest would definately help to expose such ill mental attitudes and put energy in minds to bring change in individual psyche and also a change in the rediculous, religious, dogmatic and undemocratic structure of Indian society.

Similar to last year protests, this time too there are expectations that atleast gathering of 20000 people expected on the streets of Bhandara(60Km east from Nagpur, India) . The demand would be none other than faster convictions of the Gang of Murderers . The protest would point out to Indian judiciary that its time for it to act upon fast and infuse fearlessness among able citizens of India that ‘LAW cares Humanity’. The planned protest will lead upto the front gate of Sessions Court, Bhandara where the Khairlanji proceedings are going on.

All those who appreicate India’s movement towards better civilisation and care for constitutional values may join this march and send strong message to State such incidences would not be tolerated and effective action needs to be taken. It is worth remembering that the state apparatus had failed during Khairlanji Massacre investigation. Police was bribed. Political kickbacks were noticed to larger extent; all in order to hide the  hard reality of the caste-atrocity which is still an order of the day in India.

Lets JOIN HANDS TOGETHER & remove Two viruses- CASTE and CORRUPTION, Lets be part of this movement, be there !!


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